How to be Your Healthiest You–in College & Beyond

As a collegiette, keeping yourself healthy is always at the top of your mind—but it’s not always the easiest task to achieve. Between late nights at the library and your average weekend debauchery, the stress that comes with college life can get in the way of getting optimum sleep, exercise and a good diet.

With so many components to staying healthy, getting yourself on the right track can feel intimidating. And the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women’s Health, which leads NWHW, know this—so they’ve outlined easy steps you can take

Keeping yourself in good shape isn’t the only way you can recognize this important week—empower the women around you to make their health a priority, too! Since health steps are outlined for every age group up to your 90s, you can send tips to your mom, grandma, older sister and others. Or, spread the message on your social media accounts via the

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