Essential Oils for Women

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) I’ve started noticing different things I’ve never had to deal with when I was younger – thinning hair, headaches, mood swings, the list goes on… I’ve been trying a few different things to balance things out. And, since we’ve been using essential oils for other things, I started to take some time to research how they could help support a healthy body.

These 6 oils and blends are good choices for women looking to support their health. I’ve used a few and have plans to add more to my collection. Here are the 6 essential oils for women that I love:

 can help support the endocrine system. This blend of oils includes spearmint, sage, geranium, myrtle, numeg, and German chamomile. Personally, I apply Endoflex morning and night to my mid-back and neck.

is on my monthly shopping list for April. It contains natural phytoestrogen and will support women through PMS symptoms. Just apply it daily to your ankles – the Vita Flex points for the ovaries and uterus.

is one that I’ve recently added to my collection. It’s my daily supplement for hormone balance. It’s a natural source of progesterone (wild yam) and a blend of essential oils (copaiba, frankincense, cedarwood, bergamot, peppermint, rosewood leaf & clove) and vitamin E.

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