Build a six-pack at home in three weeks

Men generally like to approach cardio and fitness like church and state (ie separately). But combining them is the key to truly rapid body transformation. "By combining these two areas of training you make each exercise work double time," says BJ Gaddour, strength trainer and body transformation coach. Best of all, there's

Do 3 sessions a week, alternating between workouts A and B with a day of rest in between. Perform the moves as a circuit. Do each exercise for 60sec then move onto the next with just 30sec rest between each exercise.

Do up to 6 circuits, taking a 60sec break between each. "In your third and final week, combine both workouts into one big circuit," says Gaddour. Follow the same work-to-rest ratio, doing up to 3 of these megacircuits per workout, 3 times a week.

Aim for a really strong contraction in your glutes to seriously amp up your metabolism. With knees bent and feet flat, drive through your heels to raise your hips and press the weights. Hold for 2sec; return. Exhale sharply at the top to work those abs.

This adaptation of an Olympic lift will shed the fat around your torso and legs. Bend at the hips and let the weights hang. Row them to your sides, hold for 2sec, lower and repeat. Now straighten up and quickly clean the weights. Two more to go.

By now your body (especially your forearms) should be begging for respite – don’t allow it any. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand, step forward with your right leg and lower the weight. Stand up, step out to the left and lower the weight to your left foot. This will build flexibility too. Switch legs after 30sec. Now shake them off and move on.

Get ready to crawl to the finish line. In a press up position, lower your chest until it’s inches off the floor; this forces your abs to hold your body steady. Move your right hand forward, then your left and continue crawling for the allotted minute.

Today you’ll start with a core-burning double act. Squat as far as you can, keeping your back straight; pause for 2sec and stand back up. Now step out so your feet are twice shoulder width and lower the dumbbells between your legs. Get up; repeat.

This leg position has all the stability of a North Korean leader, which will work your abs hard. In a staggered stance, dumbbells at your shoulders, lower into a quarter squat. Explosively stand and press the weights. Switch legs after 30sec.

This ropes in your back and traps for a weight-loss effect more powerful than an Al Pacino speech. Lower your torso and pull the weights to your chest; lower and repeat. Stand up and pull the weights up high – just don’t give yourself a scarface.

We’d wager you haven’t tried this one before: hold a dumbbell in your right hand, left foot forward. Bend your hips and pass the weight to your left. Straighten and repeat the other way. The ‘catch’ forces your core into action. Switch legs after 30sec.

Jog over to a bench (or your sofa). This will hone your core while building extra v-shape muscle. In a pike position, as shown, slowly raise your hand to touch your left shoulder; now your right. If the sweat isn’t rolling off your nose, work harder.

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