Best eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadows make a primary and vital part of the eye makeup. You have extensive options when it comes to buying eyeshadow pallets and you can always pick one according to your choice and budget.  A list of some of the best eyeshadow pallets that are currently available in India have been provided below to help you to choose the one that matches your needs in the best way

This creamy and soft eyeshadow palette includes a collection of four neutral colors that you can wear in every occasion. They give a natural look while highlighting your eyes in the most perfect way. They can also be used for creating a Smokey look and due to their natural colors you will never go overboard. The shadows are easy to blend in and they add gem like sparkle to your eyes.

This eyeshadow pallet from Oriflame gives you a collection of 8 nude and grey colors. The colors are suitable for every occasion and they can be used for a huge range of eye makeup style. The colors are long wearing, and intense which stays put for up to a whole day. It comes with a slanted brush applicator which gives flawless precision.

This desert rose eyeshadow from the house of Lakme comes with four radiant colors with shimmer particles. The colors in the palette vary from light to dark tones which make it usable for not only coloring but also for shaping and emphasizing your eyes.  The colors can be worn on a daily basis or can also be used to make a brighter eye makeup for parties.

A single eyeshadow pallet that gives you all the eyeshadow colors ranging from light to dark, skin to bright tones. This professional makeup kit from Cameleon comes with 36 eyeshadows and can be excellent to create any kind of look. The colors give a vibrant look and they stay put for long without fading.

This eyeshadow pallet includes a collection of 11 nude colors along with a black shade for highlighting and Smokey eye effect. Every color in pallet has high intensity and they can be used effectively for creating everyday as well as party looks. The palette comes with a two side applicator brush for perfect application.

If you love playing with the shades of pink on your eyes, check out this pink and blue collection from Oriflame. It combines both dark and pastel shades so that you can create the perfect look for days as well as nights with the same palette. The colors have great intensity; they spread evenly on your eyelids and are crease proof. These shadows are easy to apply with the applicator provided and can give a defined look to your eyes.

This three color eyeshadow palette can be a perfect one to carry with you all the time. It comes in shades of purple and the compact design makes it ideal for use anywhere, anytime. The shadows have a smooth texture and they can be applied with ease.

This professional eyeshadow kit comes with 100 shadow shades starting from whites and nudes to light shades and the darker ones as well. If you are looking for an eyeshadow palette that can provide you the ultimate collection of eyeshadow colors, opt for this 100 piece marble eyeshadow palace.

This eyeshadow palette comes with 32 eyeshadow colors, all in nude and dark that can be used for a professional makeup. The colors included in the palette can be used for creating any type of eye look through mix and match. The colors are long lasting, smooth textured;they blend easily and enhance your eyes without harming your skin.

88 vibrant long lasting eyeshadow colors in a single palette. The range of shades included in this palette is versatile and can be used to create professional look for any occasion. The product is equally useful for the professionals and also for the newbies.

This palette comes with 20 nude and metallic shades. They are great for creating an array of looks for every occasion. The shadows have a smooth and powdery finish which blends easily and creates a perfect look for day or night. The palette comes in a sleek design which makes it easy to carry and use on the go.

Create the most exquisite looks with this eyeshadow palette that gives you an option to choose from any color you can think of.  It includes 180 colors of eyeshadow and yet is convenient to carry due to its design. This palette is perfect as a professional makeup kit for any occasion. The colors are not made with dye and hence they will not leave eye shadow mark or bug your eyes. These shadows have a silky finish and shine that can last for a whole day.

This pressed powder type of eyeshadow pallet comes with 3 trays of stunning eyeshadow colors. A total of 252 different eyeshadow shades is what you get with this ultimate palette. The shadows are highly pigmented, long lasting and easy bendable. They can also be applied as dry or wet shadows to get the perfect look. The case is compact and easy portable.

This 36 piece eyeshadow book is one to keep in collection of every makeup enthusiast. The fun geometric pattern gives the pallet a completely unique look. The shadows are soft and smooth and the pallet includes all the colors to experiment. It also comes with eyeshadow applicators for ease of use.

This eyeshadow palette comes with 8 colors in the shade of sand and green. It can be a perfect kit for creating gorgeous looks. The shadows can be used in different ways to create the look of your choice. These shadows give an even coverage and lasts on your lids for up to 24 hours.

This eyeshadow palette from the MUA makeup academy comes with 12 shimmery shades. The palette includes strong and deep shades as well as nude and neutral ones which allow you to try with different looks. The shadows are highly pigmented and are not tested on animals.

This baked eyeshadow pallet from ELF comes with 10 colors ranging from white, pink, brown, and silver to chocolate, blue, ash and black. So, you get all the nude tones as well as the vibrant ones to create a perfect day or night look. The shadows are highly pigmented, and silky in nature. They can be blended with ease. The shimmering colors are also long lasting.

This double layer eyeshadow pallet comes with 120 vivid eye shadow colors that last for long on your lids. The shadows are highly pigmented and they have been formulated with mineral oil to give the best effect on your eyes.

98 eyeshadow pans which include a great collection of light and elegant shades along with dark ones. The shades also come in different textures; matte, shimmery and glitters, so that you can use the colors as you wish. All the colors are highly pigmented and the palette includes four double side applicators.

shades of nude colors. They have a smooth satiny finish and the best thing is they can be layered easily to get the desired look. A wide range of colors gives you the highlighter, shimmer and the base color in the same palette and makes it possible to get the look of your choice with ease.

This 5 color eyeshadow palette in bronze, golden, brown and nude gives you the chance to create the perfect look of your choice. The shadows are highly pigmented and the palette has a compact design which makes it easy to carry the kit. There is also a dual ended applicator in the kit.

This brand new eyeshadow palette from Estee Lauder comes with 8 shades of pure shadow colors, mirror and applicator brush. The palette includes a wide range of colors including nudes and darks making it ideal to get a perfect look for day or night.

If you wear pink and purple a lot, this eyeshadow palette can be the perfect one for you. The palette gives you purple in 5 light to deep shades making it possible to create the look of your choice. The shades are well pigmented and they come in a smooth texture.

This 56 eyeshadow palette includes both matte and shimmery colors that can be applied with ease on your lids and stays put for long. The product is made from natural mineral oil which ensures that it will not harm your skin anyway. The shades are highly pigmented and can be used for getting a natural everyday look or a wedding day look according to application.

If you are looking for a palette that can give you all the eyeshadow colors of high quality in a compact form this one can be a good option. The palette comes with 120 warm colors that can be used in anyway. It includes both matte and shimmery colors to give the makeup artist a wide range of options.

This palette comes with an extraordinary collection of highly pigmented and vibrant eyeshadows. It includes total 10 shades, each of which gives a high color payoff. The range of shades, starting from nudes to the darker ones, makes it ideal as an all-time eyeshadow palette.

This Glitter eyeshadow palette from Sephora is one of the best in the market and can be ideal for creating dramatic looks. It comes with 12 highly pigmented shades that range from white, nude, silver and pink to black, purple, blue and green. It comes with an eyeshadow applicator and a Sephora pencil liner.

This eyeshadow palette form Boots is known for its quality. The product includes three shades including a rainforest green and chocolate along with a shade of dark pink. The shadows are soft and easy to blend and it is hypoallergenic.

This Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette includes 5 nude shades with matte finish. This palette can be ideally used for creating natural and day makeup looks. You can also use the shades in this palette for highlighting.

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