22 Eye-Catching & Inexpensive DIY Wedding Centerpieces

The big day is all about little touches, and eye-catching centerpieces are a must for memorable decor. Although bouquets of flowers are just fine, you can spend less money and have more fun by making your own inexpensive and easy decorations. They’ll reflect your creative side and your uniqueness as a couple, making your “I Dos” a truly memorable event. If you’re looking for creative wedding favors to go with them, check out

Add pops of color to your table with the simplest and most inexpensive ingredient—white rice! You can dye it any color you like, and create several different hues or just one. Use it to fill votives, bowls, or jars. Place each color in its own display, or stack them as you would colorful sand.

Paint buckets with the sentiment of your choice (stick with the word “Love” or spell out the happy couple’s name, etc.), and fill them with water and fresh-cut flowers. Black and white is chic, but you could also make a colorful version as well.

Celebrate your crafty side on your big day by using large wooden spools and balls of yarn as creative table decor.  This is perfect for the bride who’s a knitter or sewer, or anyone who simply appreciates the look.

Just as there are about zillion ways to decorate wine bottles, there are a zillion ways to turn them into centerpieces, but these ombre glittery ones are real winners. They’re awesome enough to display on their own, or to combine with flowers and votives.

Just like when you used to make them as a kid, sand bottles are striking decor. Fill uniquely shaped bottles, such as old milk jugs, with sand in colors of your choosing, stick in a flower or succulent, or display as is.

A trip to the farmers market (or grocery store) will get you the main ingredients for this one-of-a-kind centerpiece. Simply arrange rows of oranges in the center of a table, and insert  the occasional flower.

Pinwheels are inexpensive to buy, but also easy to make in colors and patterns of your choosing. They’ll add whimsy to your wedding tables, and are a fun accessory for guests to play with and take home.

No one wants their nuptials to be cookie-cutter, but you can rack up a big bill trying to purchase the perfect decor. Instead, have fun adding personal and homemade touches via these creative centerpieces. They’re easy, inexpensive, and have a whole lot of character.

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