Touching Ways To Remembering Lost Loved Ones At A Wedding

Sadly, a few important guests may have already passed on before your wedding day. Even though it can be heartbreaking to tie the knot without your loved one in attendance, there are many unique ways that you can honor and remember them when the special day comes around.

 know what it feels like to be missing someone very special in your life. That’s why we have compiled a list of creative 20 ways to help remember a departed family and friend that would have been there if they could.

Lighting a candle to remember your lost loved one is a wonderful way to incorporate their memory into your ceremony. You can also have a lit candle on display so that everyone who passes by knows that you are honoring someone special.

Sewing a piece of your father or any loved one’s blue clothing to your wedding dress can be the perfect “something borrowed” or “something blue” on your special day. It is such an elegant way to incorporate the one you’ve lost into your wedding. You can even cut the fabric into a heart to show just how much you love them.

Displaying photos of your lost loved ones allows for a great DIY project. Whether you create a table filled with pictures or a handmade wreath, having a display is a nice touch that all of your guests can look at and enjoy.

 couple, the Ross’, found the perfect way to honor their deceased loved ones during their wedding. Both of them set up very unique photo displays on a table at their weddings so that their guests could take a look and help them honor the ones they had lost.

By setting up a seat for your lost loved one during your ceremony, the couple saves a spot of honor for the person that would have attended their celebration.  You can even add a favorite momento or piece of clothing that they owned that will help you remember them.

Giving out a wedding favor to your guests that honors a loved one that has passed is a wonderful way for every guest to be able to celebrate your amazing wedding day as well as remember who you have lost.

Wearing a photo of the loved one that you would like to remember on your wedding day is a wonderful way to keep them close. As you walk down the aisle or stand up at the alter, they will be right there with you, by your side.

Releasing balloons during your wedding ceremony or reception can be a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone you have lost. It is a way to release grief as you remember your incredibly special lost loved one. You can even attach notes, poems or messages to the balloons before you release them as a nice touch.

I was fortunate enough to have my amazing grandmother be there on my wedding day – but my day also happened to be the last family event she ever attended. While our photographer did capture some beautiful photos of her,