The Best Cheap Makeup

Confession: I am a makeup hoarder. Okay, maybe that wasn’t exactly groundbreaking news. But I love makeup. I do not discriminate towards any certain price point. If it’s good stuff, I will sing its praises. In fact, I am a sucker for a good dupe, and will always choose it if it performs just as good as its high end counterpart.

But today, I’ve compiled what I think is the best cheap makeup. And this is everything, from foundations, to mascaras, to eyeshadows, and more! I pretty much put together a budget makeup wardrobe for you. Put it all on your wish list, and you’ll thank me later. I own, love, and swear by each and every one of these products! Best of all? Everything is under $10, with many being under $5!

: If you are really at a loss on where to start with eyeshadow and want something neutral and every day, this trio is absolutely for you. The quality and pigmentation of these shadows are absolutely incredible, and are so easy to blend and use.

: This is my absolute favorite drugstore blush. I have the colors Luminoso and Rose D’Oro, and they are such high quality products. Highly pigmented, blends like a dream. Pretty much what you want in a blush.

: One of my absolute favorite pencil liners… ever! These are so creamy, glide on easily, and stay put! I would even compare them to the likes of the Urban Decay Glide on pencils. And that price…. you just can’t beat it!

: How many times have I talked about this eyeliner? Countless. You guys know I love it. Forget wasting your money on the MAC Fluidline or Bobbi Brown gel liners. I’ve bought them both and this is exactly the same, but for $3.

: These cream shadows are absolutely amazing. They are completely smudge-proof (seriously, they don’t budge). They make amazing eyeshadow bases, or are great on days when you are in a rush and want a wash of color over your eyelids.

: Another one of those products that I’ve mentioned more than a couple of times. This is an amazing loose powder that I love to use on those days when I want my skin to have a flawless, even finish.

: If you really are a one eyeshadow kind of girl, you need to get this. It’s an almost exact dupe for MAC’s Satin Taupe. If you don’t care about that, just know that it’s a beautiful, shimmery, taupe color that looks good all over the lid and even into the crease. It’s perfect for a one eyeshadow look. And like the other Wet ‘n Wild eyeshadows, the consistency, pigmentation, and quality of the product is exceptional.

: If you are into a full coverage matte foundation, this will be your friend. My beloved Revlon Colorstay is my absolute favorite, but it’s over the $10 mark, depending on where you get it (I often use coupons and buy it when they go BOGO 40% off at Walgreens). If you are trying to stay under $10, the Rimmel is for sure what you need to get. A little goes a long way for full coverage!

If you like what you see here, be sure to pin this post so you can pull it up while you’re perusing your drugstore beauty aisles.¬†What’s your favorite dirt cheap makeup? You have to let me know because I love discovering budget friendly high performing makeup!