Perfect Everyday Eye Makeup Ideas – Go For False Eyelashes

Thinking that false eyelashes are only for nighttime is a thing of the past. There are so many amazing ideas when it comes to the faux lash market that you could conceivably wear a different product, in a different way, every day for a month…and never use the same look twice…without the need to apply mascara! With just a few fake eyelashes tips and ideas, you can take your everyday eye makeup to a whole new level.

can be purchased strictly online (www.minkilashes.com), but will soon be offered at selected beauty salons across Canada so stay tuned! They are soft, flexible, and high quality…but all that comes with a price tag to match (around $40).   No matter which you choose, be sure to first line your eyes with smudge proof eyeliner, then curl your lashes with a

. You can easily skip mascara with your fluttery Minki’s (we actually don’t advise using mascara on Minki’s), and go straight to the step of adding those extra perfect lashes and brace for impact!

– Partial lashes allow for more natural looking false eyelashes, which is really pretty perfect for adding to your everyday eye makeup, but your overall eye makeup will require a couple of coats of organic mascara (watch those toxic ingredients!). Eyelashes can be ready-sold as accent lashes (such as

), or you can simply find a full lash strip you like and cut to size (fit to the outer half-to-one-third of your upper lash line). Apply as you would regular false eye lashes. Fool-proof application and so natural people might not even know what you added. But they’ll know

: Since the goal is to highlight your gorgeous eyes with a daytime false lash flair, you will also need to remember to keep your brows in order. What good is drawing attention to your eyes, if your brows remain a mess? It would be like driving a luxury car, but using beach chairs for seats. Kinda defeats the purpose. So, do your research and read our other articles and watch our Youtube tutorials to find your perfect eyebrow shape. Find your beginning point, end point, and arch. Then, for the best eyebrow makeup, invest in a both a good eyebrow pencil

As you can see, it’s easy to add something special, yet subtle, to your boring ol’ makeup ritual. Once you start to filter in the versatility of false eyelashes to your everyday eye makeup ideas, you’ll wonder how you went without it for so long!