How to Apply Foundation Properly

Every perfect makeup begins with a perfect foundation application! Believe us, girls, if your way to add some more radiance and fair complexion to your face is wrong, even the best lipstick or the most expensive mascara can correct this error. So, better once and for all, learn how to apply foundation properly. And your first step for the flawless makeup will be done! Everything else like awesome smokey eye makeup or amazing cheek colorizing is all about your imagination. But the foundation application has a strict technique that must be learnt. Here it is:

Use the testers and get a nuance that is as much as possible close to your personal complexion. Also, have in mind that in cold days, you will need paler tone, but in summer – darker foundation will be required.

In stores, you will find powder, liquid, sticks and so many other forms of foundations that you might even get confuses. Well, don’t! Make your choice by conducting the type of your skin with the final product you will buy.

Keep in mind that using your hands is always the best way to apply the product since you will feel the thickness of the layer and you will avoid unnecessary deposits of brown or beige spots on your face.

To prepare your skin for proper foundation application, you need, at first, to cleanse it deeply and thoroughly. Otherwise, you will get those bad blemishes later, when the foundation will get deeper in your epidermis.

If you follow this system, your face will never look either cakey, or fake. Touch up the problematic areas with pimps, red spots or wrinkles. Then, apply one more additional layer – thinner – to make the makeup look more complete!