Gluten Free Chicken Alfredo Flatbread with Bacon

This week was a game changer when it comes to flatbread at my house. I learned how to make it on the grill!! Holy taste explosion Batman. Just when I thought that flatbread couldn’t get any better, I had to go and throw it on the grill

Here’s my problem though…we currently only have an old fashioned Weber charcoal grill that is kind of a pain to deal with. I’m not a whiz at the grill. Like at all. In all honesty it took me about an hour to get the coals hot enough to grill something. I’m desperately trying to convince my husband that a new grill is a must have this summer. Think of all the amazing food I could grill all my myself if we had a kick ass gas grill. So far no such luck…sigh… but I have a plan.

He was out of town when I made this Gluten Free Chicken Alfredo FlatbreadĀ  on the grill this time, so I’m going to tackle the grill again (Lord, give me strength!) this weekend and show him how much more awesome food cooked on the grill is! Surely he won’t be able to resist and will immediately whisk me away to Home Depot and buy me the grill of my dreams. What? It could totally happen!