Crock Pot Honey-Garlic Chicken

Enjoy the sun and that grill all while you can because, guess what happens after this weekend? All the pumpkin-things will come out, your crafty neighbor’s door is about to get a brown/orange wreath, and you can’t wear white again until Memorial Day weekend. Which, by the way, I’m totally breaking that rule. White looks good on me, damn it!

One more thing tells me Fall is approaching… like how I’m slowly gravitating towards my slow cooker/crock pot, again. I used it twice this past week and pretty much will use it thrice a week from hereon.

! The staff was super nice to me because I had that connection with their big boss, and I ended up taking advantage of it all. I was a hot shot, if you will, until I completely made a fool of myself because I could not stop slurping up the honey garlic sauce. I didn’t totally pick up the plate, just a little bit, but enough to slurp up everything that was left on that plate.