Caramel Apple Pie Cookies

Fall will be here before we know it and these Caramel Apple Pie Cookies will make for a comforting dessert. They resemble a mini apple pie and are super delish. Fun and easy too since they use simple store bought ingredients. Whip them up in just a few minutes time.

I have always enjoyed fall. Fall foods are always so comforting. Apple desserts loaded with lots of cinnamon flavor and of course caramels are my favorites.  Last fall, I shared quite a few apple recipes with you like our

I know most of you are not thinking about fall at the moment. Being a food blogger, I like to share my favorite recipes with you before the season actually arrives. This way, you have plenty of great seasonal recipes in mind for when you are ready to start your baking.

Having simple recipes that use store bought convenience items are some of my favorites. Having a recipe that I can whip up after school and have ready in a few minutes time can be nice. Recipes from scratch are always best if I have the time for leisurely baking.

If you are a fan of caramel apple pie, these cookies will quickly become one of your favorites. I used a store bought crust, canned apple pie filling, and my new favorite Smuckers Salted Caramel Topping (this stuff is amazing), plus some cinnamon and sugar. YUMMY! These little hand pie/cookies were so tasty. The cinnamon flavors and caramel were very addicting. I cheated and even drizzled mine with some additional caramel. I think I may have a slight addiction to caramel, ha ha.

Since this recipe only uses a few store bought ingredients, you will find it super simple. I was lazy and did not weave my strips of crust. You can always take the time to weave yours to make them look a bit more attractive. This recipe will be great with any of your favorite pie fillings. I am thinking they would be amazing with pumpkin pie filling for fall too!

These little Caramel Apple Cookies will make for a great fall dessert. Great for serving a handheld apple pie to your family and guest. Plus they will pack well in fall lunches too! Do you have a favorite fall cookie?

: Many of you have been stating that this recipe is not working for you. When making these cookies they will seem as though they are really messy and not going to work.  Once these are put in the oven and the caramel begins to cook in with the apples, you will have some oozing out. Trust me, they will come out just like my pictures with just a bit of trimming of the cooked caramel apple filling that oozes out.

Yes, there is waste of product in these so if you are afraid of wasting a bit of trimmings, this recipe will not be for you. I really liked how cute they were. Plus these cookies are super tasty so worth a little bit of waste IMO:)

Another blogger has now pointed out that this recipe is very similar to one that she claims to have created that is now “owned by” Pillsbury. I saw this idea all over Pinterest  and decide to make my own. So, this is MY recipe if you would like to call it that. It’s a pie crust with some store bought ingredients, not much of a recipe. But, you can see Pillsbury’s recipe