26 Kitchen Open Shelves Ideas

Did you ever find yourself rummaging through cupboard after cupboard, looking for that favorite cereal bowl, the one you misplaced a week ago? Ever feel bothered by having your hands wander in dim light, trying to avoid the ten other plates and bowls you never use but still keep around, hidden from view? Ever stepped inside your kitchen and felt like you just set foot in an elevator? If so, remodeling and installing kitchen open shelves will solve all these issues.

Overhead cupboards can be aesthetic, but they can also block a good amount of natural light from entering your kitchen. By either taking them apart and using the materials for open storage shelves or by simply purchasing new shelves altogether, you can open a whole new dimension and give your kitchen a healthier, brighter tone.

If your kitchen is not spacious to begin with, you might have noticed that all those cabinets and cupboards only add to the claustrophobia feeling you’re experiencing whenever you’re trying to cook dinner or just place some bread in the toaster. With open kitchen shelving you get rid of those extra inches of wood that turn your kitchen into a man-sized box.

Perhaps some of your dishware deserves to be in the spotlight, not hidden away behind closed doors. Why not let others admire it also? However, if you don’t feel like dusting very often, simply remove the clutter and only keep the dishes you intend to use. By doing so, you’ll create even more room in your kitchen.

The last thing you want while still drowsy from the night’s sleep is to fumble around for your breakfast dishes. Especially if time is important and it can’t be wasted for trivial searches. With kitchen open shelves, everything you might need is right there in plain sight, just waiting for you to grab it.