25 Hottest Short Hairstyles Right Now

There are so many advantages that come with having short hair. It’s easy to maintain. It’s less prone damage-prone. During humid weather or if you work out daily, it’s convenient to style. And it can make you look years younger too. If there is a “downside” to short hair, it’s deciding which cut to get. The options are literally endless.

Luckily, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out for you but doing a bit of research and coming up with 25 of the hottest short hairstyles right now. If you opt for any of these, trust us—you won’t regret it.

Bowl cuts are called that because they basically look like a bowl was put on your head and someone cut along the bottom of it. But as you can see, if you get a professional to do it for you, you’ll be the talk of the town. Everyone will be truly to figure out how they can get a bowl cut too!

If you wanna go short, but not super-short, how about an angled bob? If that sounds a bit on the boring side to you, just a couple of layers of color. You can try everything from shades of red and blond to colors like blue, green and purple.

If your hair is naturally curly, you’ve simply got to try this look! The right layers with a bit of mousse will have your tresses looking wet and wild even when they’re dry. (Just at how sexy it is!)

There are very few looks that require no maintenance at all. But this cut comes close. Thanks to the razor cutting on the ends, it doesn’t need a lot of styling. Running some fingers through it is all that’s really necessary.

This is another short hairstyle that many celebs seem to like. Being that it has a lot of length up top and the bangs are long, it’s the type of cut that can make going back to a longer style pretty easy to do.

Here’s the awesome thing about this style. If your hair is shoulder length and you’re not quite ready to do the Big Chop, look for some sponge rollers. It will curl your tresses tightly, making your hair 2-3″ shorter. That way, you can go short when you want to or go long when you want to. Too.

So, what if your hair is a bit on the thinner side? That’s OK. All you need is a short haircut that has a ton of layers and for your stylist to mix up a color blend that will add lots of depth and dimension.

Remember the pixie cut that you saw? This is basically another version of it. One that has more length on the sides and also in the back. It’s especially attractive if you have dark hair because the color will make it look really glossy and full of sheen.

Caesar cuts are the ultimate unisex look. Men are so virile and handsome and women? Well, when you decide to go with this particular hairstyle, all attention basically goes to your face. This makes it the kind of cut that says “I’m very confident” without saying a single word.

When you decide to go with a cut that is short on the back and sides but to keep really long bangs, the styling sky truly is the limit. You can wear it loose like in this picture for a bit of sensual sophistication or you can put a couple of barrettes in it for a cutie pie look.

We don’t know what we like more about this look. That the bob is stacked or that the color complements it so well. If you decide to give this a try, make sure to show them this pic so that you can get it picture perfect.

If you pay close attention to this cute, you’ll see that the back is razor cut really high and then some long top layers are covering it. It’s no-nonsense in so many ways and on so many levels. Tapered bobs are delicate and dazzling simultaneously.

Organized chaos. That’s one way to describe this short do. There are so many layers, it’s hard to tell where they start or end. It doesn’t matter. This look is fresh and unconventional. Perfect for someone who wants to look edgy and elegant.