18 Quick and Simple Updo Hairstyles for Medium Hair

recently and salons report that the main reasons are clients no longer want to spend a hefty amount of money on extensions. Moreover, after having to spend so much time and effort on careful washing, conditioning and generally keeping hair extensions in good condition, women have finally asked themselves, ‘Why am I doing that, when I have perfectly good natural hair?’

The salons say most women are asking for a medium length bob, with or without layers, so they can style it at home in several different ways and with the minimum of fuss! And that’s where quick and easy updo’s for medium length hair come in!

Updo’s are currently super-trendy and not only for special occasions. In a fashion-throwback to the 1960’s, when upstyles where a major fashion for a number of years, updo’s are once again a popular choice for work, home and leisure.

Curly styles are super-cute and all you need to do is fix up your hair into a ponytail at the crown or just below, then pull out some pretty ringlets to frame your face and you have an absolutely adorable, youthful look!