18 Modern Short Hair Styles for Women

It’s also quite normal for women to experience a change in the thickness or texture of your hair during your 50’s. For example, some women notice their hair is thinner and if you have a lot of grey hair, this may be coarser making it difficult to style and control.

Super-straight styles are not the most flattering for mature women and you should try to get a little volume and movement in your hairstyle. The latest short shag is one of the best hairstyles for older women.

A short shag with spiky textured tips is one of those hairstyles that always looks modern! And with a little styling cream, the layers can be lightly curled or waved to give fine or thinning hair the density and volume it may lack.

Another of the latest trends that will add a modern touch to your look is the asymmetric bob. The geometric, angled bobs are especially suitable for balancing out a round face, as the strong asymmetric lines counteract the roundness in full cheeks.

Pixie cuts are trendy for everyone this year and this is good news for anyone searching for short hair styles for older women! Although there’s no need to cut your hair short as you get older, the fact is that a lot of us find that a short style can knock years off how old we look!

Pixie cuts with a long, sweeping asymmetrical fringe are very popular and along with a spiky textured finish, smooth waves or lively, tousled curls are all giving older women the chic short hairstyles that really flatter.