14 Curly Hair Tips That Actually Work IRL

“Basically before you go to bed, you take all your hair and pile it on top of your head, and secure it in a really high pony. I’ve found that scrunchies work best, because regular pony ties are too tight.” —

“After I shower, I usually comb my wet hair (it’s the only time it doesn’t frizz) and lay the towel on a bed or flat surface and slowly pile my hair into it and wrap that. I wait for about five minutes, and take that out. Now don’t touch it until it dries. Even if it has a weird part, it’s best to let hair dry as is. Once it’s dry, feel free to part. Seriously, it magnifies the curls and stops frizz!” —Chloe Duval, Facebook

“Less frizz, less breakage, and this often means I barely have to do anything to my hair the second day and it still looks good. Not exactly my sexiest look, but it keeps me looking great the rest of the time, and I can always take it off if I want to.” —Christine Lloyd, Facebook

“Learn to read labels. Also deep condition once a week, and if you have no idea what kind of deep conditioner you should be using for your particular curl type, go to Sally (or your local beauty supply shop) and ask. They’ll point you in the right direction.” —Stefhani Marmolejo, Facebook

“Instead of shampoo, I use the baking soda in warm water/apple cider vinegar rinse no more than once a week, and my hair is a-MAH-zing. Generally, I only have to ‘wash’ it once every 9–12 days. I spray it with water in the morning to revitalize the curl, and THAT IS ALL. So much easier than all the product and time I used to spend on it.” —Jack Sack, Facebook

“Sometimes I take a thin curling iron (1/2-inch or 3/4-inch barrel) and curl the top pieces that go flat from sleeping on it. My hair always looks amazing when I fix the little bits, and it still looks natural!” —Krystin Pipkin, Facebook

“Coconut oil (left on overnight) and conditioner (bit on the roots, more on the bottom) help reduce the frizz (well for me, anyway) and make your curls moisturized and soft.” —Gowathamy Dhushy, Facebook

“Before you invest in an oil for the purpose of putting it on your hair, do a skin test to find out whether it will irritate you. Olive oil and coconut oil both make me break out horribly in whiteheads and cystic acne.” —Temea Jones, Facebook

changed my hair. I’ve gone all in and now get a Deva cut; I’ve even gotten rid of my straightener! I was skeptical that their products would be worth the cost, but they are a total game changer.” —Allison Nicole, Facebook

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